This year has started well, with enormous strides being made in getting back in shape. I have been walking every day – at least  6000 steps.

The idea is to be healthy enough to be a cheapskate tourist later on in the year and wander around strange cities instead of paying for taxis, tuk-tuks or taking buses. 6000 may not sound a lot, but it is the minimum – and we have had some serious snow and frequent rain in the last couple of months.


I haven’t done any writing on here for quite a time. This isn’t because I haven’t been interested in writing. I have made numerous comments on other peoples’ blogs in the last year or two. I just didn’t feel like sitting down and writing any serious essays. I have also been busy with DIY. I have put a new floor in the back of the house and done quite a few other things round the place.  I have some plans to make some garden furniture. The materials are in place, I just need the right weather.


  I think , this lack of writing may change this year. I have had a chance to think about a lot of things I hadn’t written on previously, so these may feature here in the coming weeks.